About Us

Bernadette was born in Hong Kong to a military background, travelling around the world until her parents settled in the south of England – born to travel! With over 25 years experience in the wedding industry, planning celebrations in the UK and throughout Europe, Bernadette realised that if she combined her love of travel and exploring with her passion for people and planning  she could offer exclusive getaways for women like her. Bernadette has extensive knowledge of the south of Italy and in particular Castellabate in the provence of Salerno and this was the perfect place to offer the getaways.  Bernadette’s favourite pastime is spending time with her four grandchildren.  

We laugh a lot.

Hazel is a professional photographer and freelance writer. She has over 20 year experience photographing all sorts of things. She also worked on staff as a photographer for a news paper in Perth, WA and recently studied with the London School of Journalism.  Her passion for travel and people complimented Bernadettes and she also had the idea in the back of her mind, that one day she would love to offer ‘all inclusive’ retreats to women who travel.  Hazel was born and bread in Manchester. She moved to Perth with her family in Western Australia at the age of 30.  Now back in the UK and living in the Shropshire Hills, enjoying her family, walking, traveling and writing.      

If you have camera and not sure about all the buttons and how to compose a good shot – bring it along, Hazel will be happy to help.                        

Hazel’s website: https://www.hazelholloway.me                

Sometimes it rains in Castellabate but that does not stop us having fun.

Bernadette and  Hazel met at a wedding in Italy.   It wasn’t long before they discovered they had similar minds and ideas and after three or four aperol spritz the idea for, ‘Five Fine Days Away’ emerged.

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